Our optimized hybrid configuration takes advantage of the Wind Turbine and solar panels to effectively provide you with 4 - 8 units of power per day.  This is more than a typical Indian small commercial establishment or household uses. 

Our configuration takes the minimum energy generated in an average wind area and average solar radiation.  Therefore, although we indicate the peak power capacity, the computed units are derated to show about 40% less as an indicative generation capacity per day.  However, on good days, the peak capacity will be acheived, and you will be able to get many more KWH units, which is far more than indicated here.

The configurations show the VAWT and Solar panel capacity and the average amount of energy generated per day in KWH.  This is the most effective way of choosing a system.  Looking at peak output of either the turbine or solar panels will lead to incorrect results and you may end up undersizing your system.



Recommended and optimized solutions:

1.  SPVAWT1 - 650 + Solar 1140Wp = 4.5KWH

2.  SPVAWT1 - 650 x 2 = 1300Wp + Solar 1900Wp = 7.7KWH


Smaller configurations may be designed to suit your budget and available space and also to consider installation and site difficulties.

1.  SPVAWT1 - 650W + Solar 570Wp = 2.7KWH

2.  SPVAWT1- 650W + Solar 760Wp = 3.2KWH


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