• SPVAWT1-650W

Sunair Power has developed a Vertical Axis Wind Turbine [VAWT].  The turbine is a modified Savonius Type and has a blade configuration that has been developed independently at Sunair Power.  The SPVWT1 has a direct coupled Permanent Magnet Generator coupled to the shaft of the turbine, a product of independent research and development in house.  The control electronics, Maximum Power Point Tracking, safety and load management is custom made for the SPVWT1.  One unique characteristic of our VAWT is that it has only one moving component – the turbine itself.

 The SPVWT1 has been developed to suit many types of installations and may be configured to be mounted on rooftops, on a stand alone mast pole or integrated into a lattice tower structure.

 The SPVWT1 has blades made of Aluminum sheet reinforced with Mild Steel rods that make it exceptionally strong but flexible to withstand very high wind speeds and also resist snow build up and ice. 

  • Annual Power Generation


    Provisionally certified by C-WET as per IEC61400-2


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