Solar Power Steering

  • Power Steering Controller
    Power Steering Controller
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The power steering system enables a existing UPS / Inverter to work with a Solar  Panel installation and prioritizes the input charge from renewable sources.  The system maintains battery capacity to ensure backup when grid fails and ensures the load runs on renewable sources for the maximum duration.  Additional feature allows control of the existing UPS to turn on/off the UPS automatically to steer the power from either the grid or the Solar source into the load.


Operating Modes:

1.  Solar Present - Load Present - Battery NOT full - Solar power will charge battery and power load from inverter.

2. Solar Present - Load Present- Battery Full - Solar power will be supplied to the entire load from the inverter.

3. Cloudy weather / Poor solar irradiation - PSC will switch between Grid and Solar depending on Battery Condition.

4.  No Solar / Night / Cloudy - Grid mode and grid will charge battery to allow UPS mode operation.


The Power steering controller is a high technology innovation that shows the user all relevant parameters to assess Solar performance.  This is important because you can determine if the Solar panels need cleaning, if shade is obstructing the Solar panels and the battery condition.  You will also see the total KWH and Ah generated from the time of installation of the system.  This will also show you how much you have saved by not using the Grid.

  • Solar Power Steering


    Solar Power Steering Controller for 12VDC and 24VDC systems

  • Solar Power Steering


    Solar Power Steering Controller for 48VDC and 96VDC systems