12V and 24V, 30A solar charge controller for solar panels

Suitable for Mono/Poly/Multi Crstalline Solar Panels

Our Solar Charge Controller has a intellegent Micro-Controller Unit(MCU) that produces regulated Pulse Width Modulation charging for your batteries.  Charging modes include Bulk, Equalization and Float charging.

Works with conventional flooded lead acid batteries,Tubular, Deep Cycle,  SMF batteries, Gel and AGM batteries



  • Overcharge protection
  • Simple connections
  • No Adjustments
  • LCD display shows all parameters
  • Will automatically select the voltage upon battery connection
  • Maximum 30A charging current



Solar charge controller options:

Starts at 100W and goes up to 5KW.  Several options and configurations to choose from.

Solar Panel - Units generated per day average.

190Wp - 0.5KWH

380Wp - 1.1KWH

800Wp - 2.4KWH

1140Wp - 3.42KWH

1330Wp - 3.9KWH

1520Wp - 4.5KWH

1710Wp - 5.1KWH

1900Wp - 5.7KWH