PWM Solar Charge Controller

The Pulse Width Modulation [PWM] Solar Charge controller charges batteries using the latest technology with low drop switching devices for optimum charging at maximum efficiency.

The PWM charging optimizes the input solar power to maximize the charging current without overcharging the battery.  This is done by carefully modulating the input solar voltage to ensure that the current is reduced gradually as the battery charges to the full potential.  However, for a discharged battery, the PWM controller maximizes the solar charge current to ensure a quick charge while controlling the current to prevent it from exceeding the battery charging current limits.

Connect the battery to the charge controller first so that it senses the system voltage and it automatically sets up itself.  Next connect the solar panel output to the controller. The load is connected directly to the battery to prevent losses from extra connectors and wiring.


Models available

Voltage - 12VDC, 24VDC, 48VDC and 96VDC.

Charging current for all models is 30A max.

Power rating:

12VDC - 360W Max

24VDC - 720W Max

48VDC - 1440W Max

96VDC - 2880W Max