1. Municipality and government service centers.

Micro hybrid power packs power a PC and its monitor with a printer and associated periphals including biometric scanners, inkjet printers and a web camera. Typical connected load would range from between 200W to 500W and the users would operate these systems for up to 10 Hrs a day continuously.

2. Clinics, day care centers and rural health centers.

Aside from powering a PC, additional loads like an ECG, BP monitor, Eye Testing machines and related medical test machines with a power rating of up to 1250W are connected and powered for up to 3 Hrs continuous.

3. Rural and semi urban and residential.

Power packs with a storage capacity of up to 4KWH[Units] coupled with a AC power inverter sysem can provide power to normal loads up to 2KVA for short durations. However, typical installations normally use about 0,2KVA and peak usage capability allows the system to provide a pleasant experience. Most home appliances including mixers, grinders, mobile chargers, TV and PC can be used judiciously.