Our Solar Power Meter connects in series with your Solar Charge Controller Output and shows you how much power is actually being produced by your Solar Panels.

You can connect our meter to a 12V or a 24V system and constantly monitor the power produced anytime.  You will also be able to watch the Totalizer totalize the Ampere Hours and Watt Hours being produced - which you save.

The primary advantage of a Solar Power Meter is that it allows you to maintain your Solar installation at peak efficiency.  Solar panels need constant cleaning to work at peak efficiency.  If you notice a reduction in the power, its time to clean the panels or investigate shade from trees that may have grown to shade your panels during the day.

You will also know instantly if the system is in good condition by watching the battery voltage and the charging current to see if they are performing as expected.


Our Solar Power Meter will totalize the Ampere Hour and Watt Hours continuously.  The SPM1500 displays the totalized Ah and the KWH on a second screen.  With this, you will know how much the battery is charging and how much energy has been stored to date.  To know your consumption, simply connect the meter to the load instead of the solar source.