• Vertical Axis Wind Turbine
    Vertical Axis Wind Turbine
  • Rooftop Mount
    Rooftop Mount

Introducing the new Micro Hybrid Power Generator

Sunair Power has launched a new vertical axis wind turbine coupled with Solar PV panels to implement a micro hybrid power generator.

Our new twin rotor, vertical axis wind turbines are better than traditional propeller designs for light industrial, agricultural, commercial, municipal, and residential use. With our technical leadership and passion for renewable energy innovation we will continue to deliver the best small wind solutions.

Power Generator Description
The VAWT converts wind energy to electrical energy. The wind on the blade assembly make the cage structure to rotate. The direct coupled permanent magnetic generator converts this movement to electrical energy.

Solar PV Description
The PV Panels converts the energy from the sun to electrical energy. The PV panels are arranged in an array to arrive at the optimum voltage for the battery bank and charging capacity. A Maximum Power Point Tracking Alghrithm maximizes the power from the sun to charge the batteries.

Sunair Power is a technology driven company and we have designed, developed and implemented several products and solutions that are useful for the Renewable Energy user.

We provide solutions for Solar only, Wind and Solar Hybrid and if you already own a UPS/Inverter, we have a Power Steering System that will convert this into a Solar system. 

If you already own a Solar installation, but dont know what its producing, you can choose to use our Solar Power Meter to check instantaneous power and the inbuilt Totalizer will also show what you have saved.